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Cultivate a positive attitude!


I have just been wondering again about the importance of a positive attitude in all situations in life.

Wherever you are, whatever you do at this moment, your attitude will define how you feel.

People can be happy or sad in the same place in the same situation. The difference is in their attitude.

Of course, there are situations from which you have to move on if it doesn’t make you happy anymore. You either get used to a situation by finding the good aspects in it, or you move on.

Finding positive things in the hardest situations will probably be the most rewarding for your future. The lesson is, whatever you choose, always go with a positive attitude. It may be hard to hold on in a difficult situation, but it may provide you with such gifts that you will be forever thankful that you decided to stay strong and hold on. However, if you choose to move in another direction, you have to do it with full belief, and again, with a positive attitude.

Starting new projects is not easy, but you can always be grateful for what you have already achieved and for the people who are going to help you on the way. By expressing your gratitude and appreciation, you are reinforcing what you want to get more of. Just trust the process, believe that everything will work out for your highest good, and so it shall be.

If you are facing a new challenge right now, remember to stay positive and appreciate every little step that you take towards success and happiness.


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Ask and it is given


Ask and it is given! We all heard this from various sources, it sounds easy, but it is not always easy to apply in life.

Recently, I had very good experiences with this, and I want to share the secret with you all.

The secret is to let it go. Whatever you ask for, do not think about it anymore, especially do not worry about it, and do not keep any negative thoughts about it. Just move on with your life!



My personal life got very busy lately, that is why I did not have any time to worry about anything. I just cannot afford to waste time on overthinking and worrying. If I have a problem, I have to get over it quickly.

Whenever I wanted a question to be resolved or wanted to get something, I simply stated in myself I want this problem to be resolved by tomorrow, and whether magically or naturally, it got resolved. I did not have to do anything – other people came to me with the solution.

Of course, I did not ask for a car or a house or to win the lottery. These everyday goals may seem small things, but they make my life going smoother and happier. And I believe the more we practice it, the better we get in it. Just stay positive, and do not let any negative thought clouding your mind!

You get what you expect


From a real life experience, I had the chance to observe again the importance of our perspectives and perceptions.

I know one person, let’s call him Paul, who saw the negative in every aspect in a certain situation. While I know others, several people, who focus on the positive in the exact same situation. Guess who is happier?! The first person gave up, while the others are still enjoying, growing, learning, experiencing, etc.

If we see the negative in everything, if we criticise everything, if we expect the negative from everyone, if we cannot find at least one positive aspect, then we are going to be unhappy and fail the situation. Well, it is also a lesson learnt, but it is better to go through the journey and grow, and make the most of whatever we are doing at the moment.

Paul (the negative guy) had so many negative expectations that he saw the negative even in the most innocent person. Do not be like him, and never expect people to be negative towards you. If you don’t know someone, do not judge them first. Probably they are nice people.

The other people I mentioned all have different motivations and expectations, but one aspect is the same: they are all positive expectations.

You get what you pay attention to, think positive! noemifairy.com:


When I experience such a huge difference between people’s attitude, I realise that the only thing that matters in any life situation is how you see it, your perception. Some people are happy doing something, while others are not happy doing the same thing. In the exact same situation, one can be happy and unhappy, it all depends on your expectations.

However, I suggest that if you have stepped on a journey that you have chosen (like a new job, new studies, relationship, etc), do not give up straight away when you have difficulties. It is no accident that you are there, you chose it, you wanted it, you need it, you have to grow from it. Hold on for a while, it is going to be worth it.

Sometimes, you have to be strong, sometimes you have to suffer, but it all helps you grow in life. Then, you can take the next step, and sooner than you think, you will find yourself in a better situation than your previous one.


Never stop learning!



In this post I am not intending to refer to academic achievements, but rather to the way we should live life. Of course, I do believe in lifelong learning, I love exploring new subjects and I don’t think there is an age limit as to when you should finish your last universtiy degree or anything. But I don’t want to go into this topic right now, let’s leave it for later.

I want to talk about the way we should live every single day of our life. Until we reach adulthood, we keep learning social skills in school, as we spend most of our time there, so it is inevitable. It seems to me that there is a point in many people’s life when they stop being open to new attitudes. There is a kind of acceptance in society that once you are an adult, you are a “finished product”: this is you, you are not meant to learn and change anymore. But it should not be like that.

To live a happy and fulfilling life we must stay open every single day. It is pretty difficult. How many negative thoughts do you have in a day? Are you grumpy when you have to wake up in the morning? Do you get angry in traffic? Do you hate your boss? What about your colleagues? How upset do you become when somebody does not do something the way you expected them to do it? It is an endless circle, there is always something that happens that you did not expect to happen and you have to make a whole new other plan.

We have thousands of thoughts a day. What if at least we could make 51% of those thoughts positive? What if we could stop complaining? What if we could make most of our thoughts positive? We realise that this is not even as easy as it sounds.

What if instead of negative thoughts we lived life as a journey? What if we pretended we are still in school (as adults), and every day there is a lesson to learn. We can make life an adventure. Let’s think of problems as challenges. Your problem is your homework you need to do. If you feel like your life is full of problems, I tell you the circle is never going to be over.

Instead, let’s look for challenges in our life. We all have our unique journey. Let’s find what we can learn each day. Then we can move on to the next lesson. Let’s watch other people how they are handling their challenges and what we can learn from them. Let’s enjoy the adventure!


You get what you pay attention to

We have heard about so many techniques as to how we can achieve our goals and many of us get disappointed or frustrated on the way, because those goals don’t seem to get manifested.

We know that all law of attraction teachings say that you can be, do or have anything you want, there is no such thing as impossible, you can achieve anything. These are all nice to hear, but not as easy in practice.

Let’s remember that law of attraction says like attracts like. To put it simply, positive thoughts and feelings attract positive things, negative thoughts and feelings attract negative things. Obviously, we want more of those positive things in life. But a human mind has so many thoughts that oftentimes they cannot be purely positive. Another important factor is to have purely positive thoughts and feelings about the goal you want to achieve.

Supposing you have a goal, do you have purely positive feelings about it? Or do you have some doubts and worries? In one of my previous posts, I have already touched this topic. How do you feel about your goal? Are you sure that you are going to achieve it? Because you have to be sure! And don’t just say you are, you need to feel that way. If you don’t feel that way, you better choose another goal that comes from deep in your heart; and do not try to achieve something, because you have seen that it made somebody else happy or successful. Follow your own heart and your own goals!

And the crucial point I wanted to get to was that you get what you pay attention to, and not what you want. You may say I want that car or job or relationship, but if you have any negative thoughts surrounding that topic, like you can’t afford it, you are not good enough, etc, it is guaranteed you are not going to get it! If you want to change something in your life, but you keep paying attention to the things you don’t like and you keep complaining about it, you will get more of it.

You get what you pay attention to! So if you want to come out of this negative circle of thoughts, then I advise you to pay attention to what you like, and appreciate the good things that you already have! Pay more attention to the good things, and don’t let your mind get lost in those negative thoughts! Appreciate the good moments, feel the good feelings and enjoy the good experiences! Build those positive thoughts and feelings! Stay positive!