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Life is not (always) a fairy tale

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The title of this post may seem quite controversial to the name and general positive message of this blog, as it suggests a more realistic and ruthless approach to life. If I want to be totally honest, I would simply say that ‘Life is not a fairy tale’. I don’t mean to be negative here in any way, just explain that there is a balance in life that we need to find and work with so that we can live with less frustration and more satisfaction.

Life is supposed to be waves of ups and downs, good and bad times, positive and negative experiences. No one can be ‘up’ all the time. There is an ebb and flow of life, or as the yin and yang symbol suggests: there is good and bad, positive and negative; and it is all about finding the balance. Without the negative, we would not know what is positive. Without darkness, we would not know what light is.

Having grown up on television, I realised how much the media (at least most of it) made us believe that life can be a fairy tale. I remember all the TV series and romantic movies I have seen that made us believe in and hope for a perfect life. Most TV programmes back then were not showing a realistic image. I understand that the point of those programmes was pure entertainment, but they brainwashed most people to believe in a romantic picture that does not equal real life.

The power of television has slightly changed and weakened since the Internet and social media took over in the last decade. However, this new technology and new media platforms bring up the same issues in different forms. On social media, people tend to broadcast a perfect image of their life (omitting the imperfectness), whether they are famous, popular, semi-famous or just average people. This has proven to lead to depressive feelings or even depression, especially among the youngest generation who are easily led to believe that they are not as good as others, when in fact, nobody’s life is perfect all the time or in all respects.

Life is not (always) a fairy tale, however we can learn to accept the fact that it is never perfect and live it with a positive attitude. Even in dark times, we can focus on improving ourselves in various ways, we can appreciate what we already have and learn the lessons we need to learn in order to move on to the next level. We need not be impatient or frustrated, the Universe will support us to get there when the time is right and when we are ready. We are here to enjoy the ride and do our best in the present moment.


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Have the courage to be who you are!


The only way to live a happy life is by being who you really are. Some people might struggle even to find out who they really are; while others might have an idea, but they don’t have the courage to be themselves and live that way. There is a lot of pressure on each individual coming from family members, friends and society that they should live in a certain way. Some people will accept this automatically, others might follow the ‘rules’ not being sure whether that is the right thing to do, but the most courageous will find their own way of living a happy life.

If you are somebody who is not sure who they really are, first you need to find out the answer to the question. You might need to get away from the buzz of life and clear your mind. Spend some time on your own, and think about what you really like doing. Try to remember what you enjoyed doing as a child and what your dreams used to be as a kid. They might seem like unrealistic fantasies, but they will give you a clue about what you really like and where your talents are.

If you know already who you really are and what you like doing, but you don’t have to courage to live that way, then all you have to do is take the first step and follow your dreams. Don’t let others discourage you, it is your life, you have to live it your own way. It can be hard to say ‘no’ or turn your back to certain people and habits, but you have to take the first steps. Your life will not change overnight, but you have to start your own journey at some point towards happiness.



Some people sadly waste their whole lives living somebody else’s life. Don’t be that person! If you have the courage, it will only take a few years for you to live your life the way you want it. You will not achieve all your dreams straight away, but once you are on the right path, you can be assured that your life is going the right way and you can enjoy the journey.


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Be grateful and appreciate the good


Whatever stage in life you might be at this moment, you will most probably wait for the next big change to happen. You might be waiting to get a new job, you might be ready to start a better relationship, you might be wanting to move to a new place, etc. We are all preparing and waiting for something, with more or less patience. Some people might be completely stressed out before making the next big change, but I suggest you to take it easy and enjoy the ride rather than stressing yourself unnecessarily.

Remember that life is a journey, not a destination.
When you are trying to change something in your life, be grateful for the lessons you learn during the journey and use them wisely to reach your next achievement. One experience leads to another.



Even if you feel like 1, 2 or 3 years is too much to wait for something to happen, it really isn’t. As they say, time is going to pass anyway, so you better start that new project right now by taking baby steps to achieve it. Just take the first steps, and the next ones will reveal themselves on the way. And if your project takes a long time, then enjoy the journey. Reward yourself for the little steps, and appreciate everything that brings you closer to your goal.

If your mind is clouded with stressful thoughts, then sit down with a notebook and write down everything that you are grateful for and appreciate all that you have achieved so far. Make peace with where you are right now, enjoy the journey and stay happy!


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The journey of life


Decisions are often hard to make in life. I wonder many times what if I had chosen a different path at a certain point in my life, and if i had done so, where would I be now?

Would I have ended up in a different place? Would I have different friends? Would I have met different lovers? Would I have a different job?

Maybe all this doesn’t matter. Life is a journey, and maybe different paths lead to the same destination. As the law of attraction states, you attract to yourself what you feel inside. Therefore, if you are in a state that attracts good friends in your life, then you will attract good friends anyway.



I am the kind of person that does not make decisions easily. I consider all the pros and cons. I consider all the possible paths that may appear. I tend to think too much. I might even look up decision making strategies online.

In the end, we have to take the first step, and the next steps will reveal themselves. Making any decision is better than standing still. All paths will lead somewhere, there are no wrong choices. Our purpose is to walk the journey, and follow the personal paths that lead to our happiness.


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Finding your true self


This is going to be a rather philosophical post with an inspirational conclusion. I am sharing with you these thoughts, because maybe you have gone through or are going through something similar, and we can help each other on this journey.

Recently I’ve been wondering who I really am and how my upbringing, my parents, my larger family and my education influenced who I have become.

How do we know who we are? Is it something deep inside or is it what environmental factors make us to become?

Probably it is both. Just like with our physical appearance, we have genetics and environmental factors. For example, some people are ‘born’ to be overweight (it’s in their genes), while some people become overweight because they keep eating fattening foods.

Twins may be separated at birth if they get adopted, but research shows that even when they had been separated, their lives turned out to be very similar, which means there is something very similar between them on a deeper level. However, the environment in which a person grows up can also greatly influence someone’s choice of career or the quality of their relationships.

I am showing these examples, because I am wondering who I really am: What are those things that are innate in me, and what are those things that I have picked up from my environment? I feel like my family and education had a huge influence on me, but I do not like all of those influences.

Why do we, as individuals, like certain things and dislike others?

Why do people like different genres and styles of music? What does it say about a particular person? What does it mean if someone likes rock, dubstep, jazz or classical music? Our ‘likes’ can actually change, depending on what kind of people we spend most of our time with.

Why some people love reading books, while others never read any?

We might think that the more educated a person is, the more likely they are going to like reading books. We might think that introverted people are more likely to read books than extroverted ones. But an educated and a less educated person can both like rock music, for example.

How much education itself can influence our likes and dislikes?

I wonder sometimes if our education influences us on a healthy or unhealthy level.

In my personal life, I have followed some completely different paths than what was expected in my family.

My education ‘made me’ complete some university degrees which ‘do not earn me my bread’ right now. Again, I followed a different path.



I feel happy with the different paths I have chosen, but I am constantly questioning whether my likes and dislikes are good for me or not. Or rather, which one is the real Me? The one who should follow what my education made me to be, or the one who wants to be free and go for their dreams?

Well, I guess I know the answer.

If I follow my dreams, then I am a happy person. However, I sometimes feel a bug in me that says: “Why do you leave behind what you have worked for, what your teachers have taught you, what your family expected you to become?”

By the end of this post, I came to a conclusion and I do have a motivational message for you: Life is a journey, and we need to find happiness in each step; because if you are not happy right now, when are you going to be happy?!

We might need courage to follow our dreams, but I promise you, it is all worth it! Dare to be your real Self and enjoy the journey before it’s too late!

We all need to unlearn some things in order to find our real Self, and to fulfil our real dreams. For our own happiness, we should be able to think outside the box to realise that life is not all about following blindly what society expects us to become. It is an individual, unique journey for everyone.


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Be flexible!


This post is meant to be as much a reminder for me as it is for others. When you do something new in your life, like a new job or moving to a new place or learning something new, you will face some problems or challenges and you have to become flexible. You might have to run extra circles in order to achieve your goal, but it is all part of the journey and we have to accept that.

I experienced this myself, and I tend to get discouraged or stressed when I have to face these new challenges. Some people are so afraid of such changes that they don’t even try anything new. Well, personally I would go mad if I could not change my circumstances from time to time. Change is beneficial and an essential part of life.

Knowing that other people are in the same shoes helps a lot. For example, if you are moving and you are stressful about it, ask some friends or family members who had done it before, and they might give you useful information and even help you with the move. It will all make it much easier. If you are facing these problems together with other people, it will be much easier, because you know that they have been or they are exactly in the same shoes.

You might have to face similar challenges when you change your job. By the time you get over the challenges, you will become a better person, someone with lots of useful experiences behind, and it means that the journey is all worth it. No one can take away from you what you have learnt through the experience. And after all, they say that what you achieve is not as important as who you become on the journey.

We all have to enjoy the ride, life is a journey, happiness is a journey! Enjoy each moment of it!

Remember: “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success!” (Albert Schweitzer)