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Why and how you should express your gratitude?


Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to express your gratitude daily, but why is it even important to do that?

Expressing your gratitude daily makes you realise that you can appreciate so many things in your daily life that might have been taken for granted otherwise. If you take it for granted that you can walk, think about those people who got injured or are disabled in a way and cannot walk. If you take it for granted that you have at least 3 meals a day, think about those people who do not have enough to eat. If you take it for granted that you live in a nice house, think about those people who do not have a nice place to live. The list could go on and on.

If you get so busy and stressed out in your daily life that you forget to appreciate the little things, then you can easily get depressed and just lost in all kinds of negative vibes. If you feel that you are stuck in a certain area of your life and want to make some positive changes, I suggest you start a gratitude journal. Improving your emotions about a certain subject will help to make positive changes. Don’t focus on the problems, focus on the solutions. Feel positive emotions by focusing on the good.

Writing a gratitude journal daily can gradually shift your mood and improve your life. Do not expect immediate results, it will take some time to build up those positive emotions that are going to change your perspectives and your life.

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So how do you write a gratitude journal?

First, buy a notebook or take one that you already have. If it makes you feel better, you can buy a fancy-looking notebook for this purpose, but you can also use a plain one.

Then, take some time for yourself either in the morning when you get up or in the evening before bed, and try to write 10 things you are grateful for. They can be generic things, but you can also reflect on the things that happened during the day. I personally prefer to write in the evening, and I like to reflect on the day.

You can write, for example:

I am grateful for my tasty dinner.

I am grateful, because I live in a nice house.

I am grateful that I have a job and I can pay my bills.

You can use various other sentences as well, the only rule is that they have to be in present tense and they have to be positive statements. For example:

It feels good when I have time to pamper myself.

It makes me feel good when I take care of myself.

My technique for when I run out of ‘I am grateful’ thoughts is to think about future goals that I want to achieve. It is a great way to set your intentions for the future. For example:

It makes me happy when I plan the details of my holidays.

I appreciate when I can spend my time with like-minded people.

It feels good to take steps towards my goals.

Keep stretching your mind every day and build those good feelings! It is not the end of the world if you skip a few days, but every time you write in the gratitude journal is for your own benefit!


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Be grateful and appreciate the good


Whatever stage in life you might be at this moment, you will most probably wait for the next big change to happen. You might be waiting to get a new job, you might be ready to start a better relationship, you might be wanting to move to a new place, etc. We are all preparing and waiting for something, with more or less patience. Some people might be completely stressed out before making the next big change, but I suggest you to take it easy and enjoy the ride rather than stressing yourself unnecessarily.

Remember that life is a journey, not a destination.
When you are trying to change something in your life, be grateful for the lessons you learn during the journey and use them wisely to reach your next achievement. One experience leads to another.



Even if you feel like 1, 2 or 3 years is too much to wait for something to happen, it really isn’t. As they say, time is going to pass anyway, so you better start that new project right now by taking baby steps to achieve it. Just take the first steps, and the next ones will reveal themselves on the way. And if your project takes a long time, then enjoy the journey. Reward yourself for the little steps, and appreciate everything that brings you closer to your goal.

If your mind is clouded with stressful thoughts, then sit down with a notebook and write down everything that you are grateful for and appreciate all that you have achieved so far. Make peace with where you are right now, enjoy the journey and stay happy!


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Find the beauty in everything, everywhere


It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to appreciate everything good in life in order to live a happy life. Our thoughts and feelings define whether we live a happy life or not. How many negative thoughts do you have in a day? How many times are you complaining in a day? How do you feel in general?

This post is about finding the bright side, about the importance of being grateful and positivity in life, because that is the only way to happiness. It doesn’t matter if you have everything you need at this moment or if you don’t, it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or if you don’t, what matters is your attitude towards life.

If you are surrounded by negative people who are complaining all the time and cannot appreciate anything, then most probably you are going to develop a similar attitude. These people attract even more negativity into their life with this attitude, and the negativity doesn’t stop, because they continue to look for the negative and they continue to experience the negative.

If you have the intention to change your life, try to set aside some time for yourself and look at your thoughts. How many negative thoughts do you have in a day? Your thoughts are defining what you experience in life. Your thoughts are creating your reality. Is it time for a change?

If you would like to change what you experience in life, then start being grateful and appreciate the good. Do not complain about what is not working, instead, concentrate on what is working well in your life. The more you are grateful, the more of the things you can be grateful about you will attract.



You should regularly practice expressing your gratitude in order to change things around in your life. If you need some guidance, this post might be helpful: http://noemifairy.com/2012/07/18/how-to-write-an-appreciation-journal/.


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Ask and it is given


We all heard this line from various sources, like the Bible (“Ask and you shall receive”), from the book The Secret or from Esther & Jerry Hicks’s book titled Ask and it is given.

It sounds so simple, yet how many of us are still struggling daily with not getting what we want?!
Do you feel stuck in a situation? Then try this.

The secret is that you really need to ask. Take the time, sit in meditation or include it in your prayers. Even if you have a busy lifestyle, take a few minutes before you go to sleep and ask God/the Universe/your angels; whatever you believe in, it doesn’t matter, the important point here is to ask.


Ask and it is given! noemifairy.com:


Ask and be ready to receive. Go into the details. List why you want to get/achieve something: in what ways it feel make your life better, how it will make you happier, how it feel make other people happier, how you will feel when you have it, etc.
Feel it, feel the happiness and the joy of having it.
Imagine how you will act, how you are going to talk about it to your friends, how you are going to recall the funny story of getting what you wanted.
Bask in the feelings and be grateful now. Be grateful that you can imagine it, and you can have it. You are one of those lucky creatures on this earth who has the privilege to manifest things to enjoy in their life. Express your gratitude for all this! Doesn’t it feel awesome already?

That is the true secret. Take the time and ask.


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I thought I would share this quote with you all, because it might help someone out there to get on with their life, to remember to look for the positive or to practice more positivity in their life in general.

Over the years, I have been learning to look for the positive aspects in all situations. What I have learnt is, no matter how hard your current situation is, you can always find positive aspects in it, which will help you move towards a better future.

Many times I find myself more positive in certain situations than other people are around me, and this gives me the chance to remind these people – whether they are colleagues, friends or family – to always look at the bright side of life, learn the lesson from the situation and move on .

I hope you have found this little reminder helpful.


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Always expect something good!


These days I had the chance to learn or reinforce in myself one life lesson, which is: always expect something good to happen!

We could also say always expect miracles to happen, but actually we do not need miracles to happen all the time. Something good is good enough. Miracles may sound like something exraordinary, so we cannot always believe in them truly. But we can always expect something positive, that does not hurt anyone.



So how I learnt this lesson?

For my job I need to be quite flexible, meaning that I do not have regular working hours, and I might be asked to work extra hours in the last moment. This happened a couple of times recently.

You can imagine how upset I could have been when I got to know these changes to my schedule. I might have been upset, but since I am a ‘good girl’, I always accept these last minute changes without a word.

After all, I am still making money and I should be grateful for that. Yes, that is when the trick comes in. Try to always look at the bright side of life. In all situations, try to find what you can be grateful about, and not what you can complain about. Just accept it, and don’t get too stressed about it.

What I have noticed that when I worked these extra hours, always something good happened to me that was unexpected. Maybe the Universe rewarded me for my perseverance and gratitude.

So I Iearnt to accept, let go and expect the good. Today, I had to work unplanned hours, and already in the morning I went with this attitude: I expect something good to happen. I did not have to wait long, and I got something that was an unexpected reward for me for the day.

Remember to find what you can appreciate in all situations and express your gratitude! That in itself is going to make you feel better, and you can expect more good things to come to your life!


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