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Why and how you should express your gratitude?


Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to express your gratitude daily, but why is it even important to do that?

Expressing your gratitude daily makes you realise that you can appreciate so many things in your daily life that might have been taken for granted otherwise. If you take it for granted that you can walk, think about those people who got injured or are disabled in a way and cannot walk. If you take it for granted that you have at least 3 meals a day, think about those people who do not have enough to eat. If you take it for granted that you live in a nice house, think about those people who do not have a nice place to live. The list could go on and on.

If you get so busy and stressed out in your daily life that you forget to appreciate the little things, then you can easily get depressed and just lost in all kinds of negative vibes. If you feel that you are stuck in a certain area of your life and want to make some positive changes, I suggest you start a gratitude journal. Improving your emotions about a certain subject will help to make positive changes. Don’t focus on the problems, focus on the solutions. Feel positive emotions by focusing on the good.

Writing a gratitude journal daily can gradually shift your mood and improve your life. Do not expect immediate results, it will take some time to build up those positive emotions that are going to change your perspectives and your life.

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So how do you write a gratitude journal?

First, buy a notebook or take one that you already have. If it makes you feel better, you can buy a fancy-looking notebook for this purpose, but you can also use a plain one.

Then, take some time for yourself either in the morning when you get up or in the evening before bed, and try to write 10 things you are grateful for. They can be generic things, but you can also reflect on the things that happened during the day. I personally prefer to write in the evening, and I like to reflect on the day.

You can write, for example:

I am grateful for my tasty dinner.

I am grateful, because I live in a nice house.

I am grateful that I have a job and I can pay my bills.

You can use various other sentences as well, the only rule is that they have to be in present tense and they have to be positive statements. For example:

It feels good when I have time to pamper myself.

It makes me feel good when I take care of myself.

My technique for when I run out of ‘I am grateful’ thoughts is to think about future goals that I want to achieve. It is a great way to set your intentions for the future. For example:

It makes me happy when I plan the details of my holidays.

I appreciate when I can spend my time with like-minded people.

It feels good to take steps towards my goals.

Keep stretching your mind every day and build those good feelings! It is not the end of the world if you skip a few days, but every time you write in the gratitude journal is for your own benefit!


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Don’t let others define you


“You were born original, don’t die a copy.” (John Mason)

As the quote above says, we are all born as individual beings, with our own unique talents, wishes, goals, dreams, ambitions and desires in life. There are no two people on this Earth who want the exact same things in life at the same time. Yet, so many people let themselves being defined by their parents, their family, their friends, their religion, their community, etc.

“The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.” (Alan Ashley-Pitt)

Personally, I never liked to follow other people (friends, colleagues, family) when it came to decisions. I always made sure that I was making the choice that I really wanted to do, and not something a family member or a friend suggested. However, you can still be influenced in a less obvious way. It can be hard to ‘not please’ the closest people around you, and go the opposite way, if that is what you really want to do. But remember that you have only one life, so you have to make the most of it before you realise it’s too late.




People often come to me with ‘life advices’, about where I should move to, what job I should do, why I should do this or that… Today, these advices go in in one ear, and go out in the other, since I know that I am never going to do what other people tell me to do, unless it matches exactly with my own ideas.

When you are facing decisions, listen to your own inner voice. Not your parents, not your neighbours, not your boss… Get clear about what you want, and plan accordingly. The first step will be the hardest, but once you are on the right path, your dreams will unfold perfectly. Don’t think that following your own path is selfish. Expecting someone to live in a certain way is selfish. We are here to live, to explore and to be happy!





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Be grateful and appreciate the good


Whatever stage in life you might be at this moment, you will most probably wait for the next big change to happen. You might be waiting to get a new job, you might be ready to start a better relationship, you might be wanting to move to a new place, etc. We are all preparing and waiting for something, with more or less patience. Some people might be completely stressed out before making the next big change, but I suggest you to take it easy and enjoy the ride rather than stressing yourself unnecessarily.

Remember that life is a journey, not a destination.
When you are trying to change something in your life, be grateful for the lessons you learn during the journey and use them wisely to reach your next achievement. One experience leads to another.



Even if you feel like 1, 2 or 3 years is too much to wait for something to happen, it really isn’t. As they say, time is going to pass anyway, so you better start that new project right now by taking baby steps to achieve it. Just take the first steps, and the next ones will reveal themselves on the way. And if your project takes a long time, then enjoy the journey. Reward yourself for the little steps, and appreciate everything that brings you closer to your goal.

If your mind is clouded with stressful thoughts, then sit down with a notebook and write down everything that you are grateful for and appreciate all that you have achieved so far. Make peace with where you are right now, enjoy the journey and stay happy!


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Change your perceptions for a happier life!


The best way to live our life is being grateful for what we have and constantly trying to live with a positive attitude. I have just covered this topic in a recent blog post, but I want to expand it more with my personal experience.

Everyone has periods in their life when it is hard to stay positive or happy. Life has its ups and downs, it is natural, we cannot change that. However, we can try to spend the hard times in a smart way, by counting our blessings and taking baby steps towards our dreams. Sometimes the hardest times in life become the most valuable, as we acquire new skills, we make new connections, we become stronger; and all these experiences will help us on our way to achieve future goals.

If you have already “survived” a hard period in your life, you know how much stronger it made you, and you know that future challenges are going to be easier to face.

It is all about our perceptions. We get what we think. Our perceptions will define how we feel, whether a certain situation makes us happy or hopeful, or sad and depressed.

We should always be able to find the positive aspects in a situation: like how it is serving us, what we are learning through the process, what kind of connections we are making with other people, etc. You may be in  a hard situation, but you are probably getting something very valuable out of it, just by holding on! Make the best of it you can, and leave the problematic situation when you are ready to move on.

The latest hard experience in my personal life helped me immensely on various levels. I do not find everything so hard anymore, because I can compare it to what I had to go through before, and I am able to find something to appreciate in all situations. With this positive attitude, I can get closer and closer to all my dreams.



The smart way to go through hard times is appreciating what you already have and taking baby steps to get closer to your goals. Don’t be afraid to take action, the only thing you will regret later is wasting your time. Take whatever step you can take, and the next one will reveal itself on the way.

The key during the process is staying positive and appreciative of what you have already achieved. Take every day as a gift, take every friend and helping person as a gift, take every step along the way as a gift. Express your gratitude, and it will multiply.

I appreciate all of you reading this post and wish you happiness and successful manifestations!


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Are you ready to live your dreams? Really?!


We can read endless blog posts, articles, books on how to live our dreams, on setting goals for the future, on manifesting the life of our dreams. It all sounds very exciting and amazing; and it is really worth putting some thoughts into your future in order to live a better life. It is also a good practise to expand your thinking and imagination, to think a little outside the box, to allow good things to come to your life.

However, living the life of your dreams can be scary! Just imagine that today you are an average person with average problems (with relationship/money/career/health issues), and from tomorrow you want to live the life of your dreams. How is that possible?!

Are you ready to become the successful/happy/healthy person of your dream? Do you have the skills to deal with the tasks of your dream job?

It’s not going to happen until you are ready! Don’t expect everything to come to you just because you have read about the law of attraction, and you think you understand how it works. It does work, but you have to do YOUR work as well. It is a personal journey for all of us, and we have to learn how to enjoy it. This is the key to happiness.

In life nothing is free. You have to put into some effort in order to get something. You have to plant the seeds in order to reap. You have to deal with your emotional issues before you can enter into a happy relationship. You have to release your negative thoughts about money before it can flow to you.

You have to be grateful for all you have before you can get more. Life is not going to reward you just because you want something. You will get what you want when you have worked for it, when you have put in some effort.

Do you have a dream now? Do you think you are ready to get it?

Be honest with yourself and just think over (or write down) what you need to change in yourself to get closer to your dream or what steps you need to take to get closer to it.

Remember that Life is a journey and we are meant to enjoy it! 🙂



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End of a cycle?


As I am making new plans for my future these days, I feel a little weird, kind of empty, as if times were changing in my personal life.

There are things I used to do that I don’t feel like doing anymore. There are things that I was attached to, but now I feel like I can let them go.

I suppose a cycle in my life is coming to an end, and I need to get myself ready for a new Me.

I guess this doesn’t happen very often in a person’s life, and you may not feel the same thing at this time, but anyone can surely relate to it. But if you do feel something similar, you may check your astrological cycles or turn to numerology, and probably you’ll find the answer.



I would say during the past 5 years I achieved and experienced quite a few things that I was once dreaming about.

Now I feel like I need to dream a lot of new things, I need to plan, I need to plant new seeds; and I need to jump into the big dreams that I used to be afraid of. Now I am ready for more!

Actually, my previous blog post ‘Clarify your dreams’ was not written accidentally! https://noemifairy.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/clarify-your-dreams/

That’s what I am doing right now!


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Clarify your dreams


When we are trying to achieve new goals or create new dreams in our life, we need to be aware why we want those things and whether we really want them the fastest way or we can patiently wait a little longer.

It is very easy to become jealous of others’ achievements today in this world, but we definitely should not follow others blindly. We need to be aware who we really are and what is important for us.

Instant manifestation usually doesn’t work, to manifest bigger dreams we need some time. Why? Maybe because we need to be ready to get them.

When a baby is learning to walk, he does not want to learn it overnight, it takes as much time as it takes. When you go to school, you don’t want to learn everything in one day, you know that it will take some time. You are not questioning whether you will get that degree or not, whether the Universe will grant it to you or not, but you know that it will take some efforts and time.

Similarly, when we decide to have a big dream, we need to clarify in ourselves what exactly we want to achieve and why. Will it make us happy? Is it something we are meant to do in life? How will it serve our growth?

When you are impatient and you want to go ahead of your dreams before you are ready, Life will give you a lesson to learn and it might be painful.

Take the time to clarify your dreams! You can do it by being grateful for what you already have and by imagining those positive things you want to experience in your future.



Make lists of things you are grateful for. This way, you will know what is really important for you in life. Therefore, you will not want something that is not really You.

Then make lists of things you want to see in your future. Imagine how you would like to live, what kind of work you want to do, how you want to feel, how you want to spend your time, etc.

Keep your attitude and emotions positive, make the necessary efforts; and you are going to live your dreams as soon as you are ready to get them! It is guaranteed!


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