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Change your perceptions for a happier life!


The best way to live our life is being grateful for what we have and constantly trying to live with a positive attitude. I have just covered this topic in a recent blog post, but I want to expand it more with my personal experience.

Everyone has periods in their life when it is hard to stay positive or happy. Life has its ups and downs, it is natural, we cannot change that. However, we can try to spend the hard times in a smart way, by counting our blessings and taking baby steps towards our dreams. Sometimes the hardest times in life become the most valuable, as we acquire new skills, we make new connections, we become stronger; and all these experiences will help us on our way to achieve future goals.

If you have already “survived” a hard period in your life, you know how much stronger it made you, and you know that future challenges are going to be easier to face.

It is all about our perceptions. We get what we think. Our perceptions will define how we feel, whether a certain situation makes us happy or hopeful, or sad and depressed.

We should always be able to find the positive aspects in a situation: like how it is serving us, what we are learning through the process, what kind of connections we are making with other people, etc. You may be in  a hard situation, but you are probably getting something very valuable out of it, just by holding on! Make the best of it you can, and leave the problematic situation when you are ready to move on.

The latest hard experience in my personal life helped me immensely on various levels. I do not find everything so hard anymore, because I can compare it to what I had to go through before, and I am able to find something to appreciate in all situations. With this positive attitude, I can get closer and closer to all my dreams.



The smart way to go through hard times is appreciating what you already have and taking baby steps to get closer to your goals. Don’t be afraid to take action, the only thing you will regret later is wasting your time. Take whatever step you can take, and the next one will reveal itself on the way.

The key during the process is staying positive and appreciative of what you have already achieved. Take every day as a gift, take every friend and helping person as a gift, take every step along the way as a gift. Express your gratitude, and it will multiply.

I appreciate all of you reading this post and wish you happiness and successful manifestations!


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Eliminate fear and live happy!


Do you feel stressed? Are you worried? Do you have fears?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, I suggest you not to stress so much.

After all, what will you remember at the end of your life? That you lived in fears, worries or stress? Was it really worth it?

Try to appreciate what you have now. Fears an worries are just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed anytime. If you have a lot of negative thoughts, try using positive affirmations to change your thinking habits. Here is my earlier blog post on how to use affirmations: https://noemifairy.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/how-to-use-affirmations/.

What would you like to remember when you are old? The fears and stress you were struggling with, or the happy memories of life with good friends and family?


Our busy 21st century life can easily fill anyone with self-restricting fears and worries; and also, wanting to achieve too much can make us chase things and feel stressed. There is a huge pressure that comes from the media to want this and that, to buy that product to make you feel good about yourself, not to speak about news programmes that deal only with crime, tragedies, disasters, etc. Don’t watch too much television, or if you do, at least watch only quality programmes.

There is an endless list of things that can cause mental disorders related to fear and worries. Many people are afraid or fear to live the life they desire. Depression is a disorder of the western civilization. All these symptoms can be related somehow to the lack of love and caring in families and relationships. People’s attention is not on their loved ones, but on chasing material things, because that is what they see in the media.

Is it really what Life is about? I don’t think so.

I am not saying material wealth is bad. It is good, as long as you are happy with where you are and what you have. As long as you are happy with your life, your relationships and looking forward to create more good.

Everyone should follow their heart’s desire without chasing unnecessary things.

People should be aware of who they are, what their path is,  who they want to become and what they want to leave behind as a legacy.

We should all get rid of unnecessary fears and worries. Instead, we could trust the Universe/God that everything will work out fine for us, we only need to decide what we want, take the first step, then the next one, and the Universe/God will support us all along.

“Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


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Cultivate a positive attitude!


I have just been wondering again about the importance of a positive attitude in all situations in life.

Wherever you are, whatever you do at this moment, your attitude will define how you feel.

People can be happy or sad in the same place in the same situation. The difference is in their attitude.

Of course, there are situations from which you have to move on if it doesn’t make you happy anymore. You either get used to a situation by finding the good aspects in it, or you move on.

Finding positive things in the hardest situations will probably be the most rewarding for your future. The lesson is, whatever you choose, always go with a positive attitude. It may be hard to hold on in a difficult situation, but it may provide you with such gifts that you will be forever thankful that you decided to stay strong and hold on. However, if you choose to move in another direction, you have to do it with full belief, and again, with a positive attitude.

Starting new projects is not easy, but you can always be grateful for what you have already achieved and for the people who are going to help you on the way. By expressing your gratitude and appreciation, you are reinforcing what you want to get more of. Just trust the process, believe that everything will work out for your highest good, and so it shall be.

If you are facing a new challenge right now, remember to stay positive and appreciate every little step that you take towards success and happiness.


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Did you express your gratitude today?





I felt inspired to write this post, as I am feeling very grateful these days.

I was facing some challenges, and to overcome my negative feelings, I started to appreciate all that I have and all that I want to live and achieve in the future. (Just as I had written about it in my “How to write an appreciation journal” post, see here: https://noemifairy.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/how-to-write-an-appreciation-journal/)

Before I went to sleep last night, I managed to get to a state that I was feeling so grateful that the words of gratitude were just flowing from me, literally. I could not stop until I actually went to sleep.

The “challenge” that I had feared did not turn out to be that bad after all, and I have just found out that I am getting very close to manifesting some of my dreams in the near future.

I am grateful to know that dreams do come true. You may have to wait some time, but the most credible proof for me is when I find myself living the dream! So all your work is worth it, never give up on anything! Follow your dreams! You cannot fail if you follow what you love.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” (Rumi)

And don’t forget to be grateful on the way!


How to write an appreciation journal


Here is another ‘how to’ post from me after the previous one on how to use affirmations.

I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from writing an appreciation/gratitude journal for the past few years, and that is why I thought I would share my experiences with you. This method is easy, it doesn’t take long: it only requires a small notebook and a little writing.

We could call it a ‘gratitude journal’ as well, but I prefer ‘appreciation’. Let my explain why. There is a slight difference between the meaning of the two words: ‘gratitude’ refers to something you are grateful for, something you already have, some probelm you have already solved or some experiences you have gone through and learnt from them; while ‘appreciation’ refers more to feelings and likes in general, to your feelings in the present moment and it can even open you up to positive experiences in the future.

I read and heard about endless methods, techniques and exercises related to the law of attraction and how to achieve our dreams and goals. But what I found the best for me was definitely the appreciation journal.

While some people prefer talking about things or other creative methods, this kind of technique might be better for those who prefer writing. The idea is that you write down, let’s say, 5 things you liked, loved, appreciated that day, and you do this every day.

You might mention someone who complimented you, someone who helped you, something you achieved that day, but you can also go more general and appreciate the delicious food you had, the comfy bed you are sleeping in, etc. When you can’t think of anything specific, you can consider what you like in life, how you would like to experience things in the future.

You can use various formats to begin the sentences, they don’t have to be all the same. For example:

I appreciate…

I am grateful…

I like…

I love…

It makes me happy when…

I love imagining…

I am glad…

I am happy…

It is great…

It feels good…

When I first started writing a gratitude/appreciation journal, I could not really get the feeling of the ‘I am grateful’ type of sentences. I felt like they were empty sentences, but in fact, true feelings are as important here as when you are using affirmations. That is why I prefer using various expressions and call it rather an appreciation journal. Of course, I do use ‘I am grateful’ when I feel it is appropriate.

I admit that I don’t write the journal all the time, and when I do it, I might skip some days. But then, the next time, I do write more than 5 things to appreciate. Actually, once you start thinking about it, more ideas come up and you easily find yourself with more than just 5 thoughts to put down.

I find this method the best to raise one’s vibration, to feel better. You can also use this to focus on a certain area of your life with the intention to improve it. Those who are familiar with the works of Esther and Jerry Hicks know that they also advise the method to write down all the things you appreciate about something when you want to change your vibration about it.

When you have a problem, you want to change your attitude about it, you want to ease your feelings, you want to feel better. If you focus on the things you can appreciate in your now, you distract your attention from the problem, and you already feel better. Better feeling thoughts will attract better experiences. Your first task is to focus on better feelings, then you will be able to focus on the solution.

So what are you grateful for today? What do you appreciate?


You get what you pay attention to

We have heard about so many techniques as to how we can achieve our goals and many of us get disappointed or frustrated on the way, because those goals don’t seem to get manifested.

We know that all law of attraction teachings say that you can be, do or have anything you want, there is no such thing as impossible, you can achieve anything. These are all nice to hear, but not as easy in practice.

Let’s remember that law of attraction says like attracts like. To put it simply, positive thoughts and feelings attract positive things, negative thoughts and feelings attract negative things. Obviously, we want more of those positive things in life. But a human mind has so many thoughts that oftentimes they cannot be purely positive. Another important factor is to have purely positive thoughts and feelings about the goal you want to achieve.

Supposing you have a goal, do you have purely positive feelings about it? Or do you have some doubts and worries? In one of my previous posts, I have already touched this topic. How do you feel about your goal? Are you sure that you are going to achieve it? Because you have to be sure! And don’t just say you are, you need to feel that way. If you don’t feel that way, you better choose another goal that comes from deep in your heart; and do not try to achieve something, because you have seen that it made somebody else happy or successful. Follow your own heart and your own goals!

And the crucial point I wanted to get to was that you get what you pay attention to, and not what you want. You may say I want that car or job or relationship, but if you have any negative thoughts surrounding that topic, like you can’t afford it, you are not good enough, etc, it is guaranteed you are not going to get it! If you want to change something in your life, but you keep paying attention to the things you don’t like and you keep complaining about it, you will get more of it.

You get what you pay attention to! So if you want to come out of this negative circle of thoughts, then I advise you to pay attention to what you like, and appreciate the good things that you already have! Pay more attention to the good things, and don’t let your mind get lost in those negative thoughts! Appreciate the good moments, feel the good feelings and enjoy the good experiences! Build those positive thoughts and feelings! Stay positive!

Ignore what you don’t like

I am writing this post partly from my own experience as to how one can feel better in everyday life. Feeling better is not only about “feeling better”, but that is actually the key to anything good coming into your life. Once you feel better, you are able to attract more good things.

Law of attraction says like attracts like, therefore if you are feeling bad, you cannot attract anything good. Even when you have a goal that you want to achieve, but you have a bit of worry, a bit of tension or a bit of doubt going on, it is not going to happen or not the way you wanted it to happen.

Sometimes we try hard to feel better, but in fact our conscious trying doesn’t really work. You constantly seem to see the things that you don’t like and keep repeating those thoughts that you don’t like.

One way to feel better is to think about things you like, let yourself enjoy what you like, simply for the good feeling, not for any purpose or goal. Another way is to try to ignore all those things that you don’t like: that annoy you, that you want to get rid of. You can even go on a challenge: try to ignore things you don’t like for 21 days, and every time you notice yourself complaining, remember that you have to feel good!

Once you are able to ignore things you don’t like, the Universe will surprise you with things you DO like! They might be little things, but those are the things you want to say “yes” to. Say “yes” to the things you like, appreciate them, be grateful for them! Thank the Universe, because you experienced something you loved! Ask more of it! Love it and you will get it!