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What is travelling to you?


For me, travelling is not only about the sights. Major attractions can indeed take your breath away, but discovering a small town or getting lost in the streets of a big city can be equally exhilarating.





Dubrovnik, Croatia



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When less is more


I have recently been contemplating the idea that our material possessions tend to take away our freedom in life. I feel that the more stuff we have, the more time we have to spend on taking care of them, and the less time we have for ourselves and for life itself. Especially so in a world where the media pushes all of us to buy more, to spend more, to own more, etc.

Personally, I have lived out of a suitcase several times in my life, and I am not saying I did not miss anything, but I was fine, I was free and I lived my life happily. And if I think of those times, it brings me back the feeling of freedom. Knowing that I can go anywhere, anytime, because I don’t have a lot of baggage – literally.

Some people might be able to manage possessions and freedom at the same time. Maybe it’s an art, maybe it’s a process that you have to learn. However, from what I see around me is that the more you have, the less free you are.

For example, if you live in a small home only with the most essential material goods, and you want to move somewhere else, it is going to be a relatively easy process. But if you have a big house with many possessions, some expensive items, garden, maybe even a car or two, etc. – then you have plenty to take care of. You spend a lot of time cleaning, organising, taking care of things that brake down, taking the car to the garage, taking care of the garden, etc.

It is nice to make our lives more comfortable with all the modern goods, but for me freedom is more important. There is even a trend going on these days that in modern societies, people decide to go minimal: they get rid a lot of their stuff, or they move from a big house to a tiny place. What they experience is the utter sense of freedom; and that finally they can focus on what is really important: like their passion, spending time with friends, or exploring and discovering more in life.



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