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Blessings in disguise


What if we could look at life as everything is a blessing in disguise? Changing our perspective could turn all of our seemingly negative experiences into positive ones: we could grow, we could learn and possibly create something even better than the original plan.

What if we could change our perspective every time something or somebody disappoints us, when we get criticism or things don’t turn out the way we wanted?

Reading about the stories of highly successful people made me realise that in life nothing comes easy. These people have been rejected many times, but what made them excel in the end was the fact that they did not give up on their dream, no matter what. They have learnt to use rejections in a powerful way.

What if we could look at every experience in life as a lesson to learn, and then move on as a wiser and more experienced person? What if we could turn around the energy of the rejection to try even harder and prove to everyone that we are good enough?



Let’s try to find the positive in every experience for our own good. There is no point getting caught up in negative emotions. Instead, let’s try to learn, grow and become who we are meant to be!


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