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Do more of what makes you happy!


Do more of what makes you happy! A simple statement that reminds us to follow our bliss.

Doing more of what makes us happy might be more important than we think. It will obviously make us happier, but we may not even realise in how many other ways it will improve our life.

We all need this reminder, because most of us are busy with everyday mundane tasks that we might not enjoy, or we are busy with a job we do not like, etc. Even if your life is busy, just try to find half an hour in a day to do something that you like. If you like writing, spend that time with writing. If you like baking, spend that time with baking. If you like decorating your house, spend that time decorating.  We all have something that we enjoy doing, and we are meant to follow our passions. Don’t let yourself caught up in a busy life that you don’t even enjoy! When are you going to enjoy your life if not now? Life is too short to waste it with things that you do not like.


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If you do more of what you like, you will lift your mood to the better. If your mood is better, then you will uplift the people around you, like family, friends or co-workers. If you follow your passion, you might create something big that will not only help your close environment, but also a much larger community. If writing is your passion, and you spend enough time with it, one day you might publish a book that will reach a lot more people and give you a lot more income. If baking is your passion, one day you might publish a recipe book of your own. The point is that if you follow your bliss, you will not only be a happier person who loves what they do, but also help other people with what you have created.

So let’s all take the time to do what makes us happy!


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