Follow your calling!


As many of us, I also find myself struggling between following my heart’s desires and creating material security in life. Many of us are trapped in a job we don’t like just because we have to provide food, shelter and other material goods for ourselves and our family.

Many people live their whole life without realising that they could do something that they actually like, something that fulfills them and makes them passionate about life. Society expects you to settle for a secure employment, settle for a job that you might not like and live a boring life with no passion and fulfillment.

To follow your dreams, you have to be brave and not care about what society and people around you expect you to do.  It might be hard at times, but it is all worth it in the end.

Everyone has a calling, and all of us are struggling at first to achieve that dream. But never give up, it is always worth it! If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Stay inspired and follow your calling!



“Your calling is something that moves you like nothing else in life. It’s something you are attracted to, something you are passionate about, and it fills you with joy and sets your heart on fire when you do it.” (Rhonda Byrne, The Hero)


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3 thoughts on “Follow your calling!

  1. Hi Noemifairy
    I found your blog on copromote. I found your post quite inspiring because it is very much related to what I am going through at the moment. I am in a state of transition at the moment because I am in a job that I do not really want to be in but because I need the salary to support my children.

    God has shown me a much better career that he wants me to do but I have to depend on him totally to make it happen. Sometimes my faith waiver because it is very hard to believe in something that you cannot see. However each day the Lord send a comforting word to me. Today the word was from your blog. Thank you and may God bless you richly.

  2. Hi Beverley,
    I am so happy that my post and message found you at the right time.
    We all have to work hard and wait before we can live our dreams. Remember to learn and grow from whatever you are experiencing right now, be grateful for where you are now; then take baby steps towards what you really want to do. Life is a journey, and we are meant to enjoy the ride!

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