Decide what you want!


Decide what you want before you do anything!

Start your day with clear intentions, decide how you want to feel and what you wish to experience. If you let the Universe know about your intentions, it will help you achieve that.

In general, be clear about what you want in your life! Decide how you want your life to be! What kind of friends do you want in your life? What qualities do you appreciate in a person? What do you want in a romantic relationship? Decide what you want in your relationships!

Decide how you want to feel!

Decide that you want to be happy no matter what!

Decide to look for the positive every day, everywhere!

Decide what you want to achieve in your career! How much money do you want to have? And how do you want to spend it?

Look for the evidence of abundance everywhere!

Appreciate your well-being and create the life you want to live!



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