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Ask and it is given


We all heard this line from various sources, like the Bible (“Ask and you shall receive”), from the book The Secret or from Esther & Jerry Hicks’s book titled Ask and it is given.

It sounds so simple, yet how many of us are still struggling daily with not getting what we want?!
Do you feel stuck in a situation? Then try this.

The secret is that you really need to ask. Take the time, sit in meditation or include it in your prayers. Even if you have a busy lifestyle, take a few minutes before you go to sleep and ask God/the Universe/your angels; whatever you believe in, it doesn’t matter, the important point here is to ask.


Ask and it is given!


Ask and be ready to receive. Go into the details. List why you want to get/achieve something: in what ways it feel make your life better, how it will make you happier, how it feel make other people happier, how you will feel when you have it, etc.
Feel it, feel the happiness and the joy of having it.
Imagine how you will act, how you are going to talk about it to your friends, how you are going to recall the funny story of getting what you wanted.
Bask in the feelings and be grateful now. Be grateful that you can imagine it, and you can have it. You are one of those lucky creatures on this earth who has the privilege to manifest things to enjoy in their life. Express your gratitude for all this! Doesn’t it feel awesome already?

That is the true secret. Take the time and ask.


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