Your life is what you make it to be!


Your life is what you make it to be!

Any of us who reads about the law of attraction or other spiritual/psychological topics knows that our thoughts have more power than we think. Our thoughts actually have a huge impact on our life. Whatever we think about, we create it. The way we think about something will define our emotions about it. People in the same situation can be either happy or sad, depending on how they are responding to it. The way we think can affect our relationships, our career, our health, our success or our happiness.

Many people do not realise this, and they just follow the crowd. They just follow the patterns that their family or friends have taught them. It seems like they are following something called ‘life’ blindly, without ever using their common sense or questioning those limiting beliefs that impacted their way of thinking.

As usual, I took the inspiration for this post from a real life experience. One guy I met seemed to be so limiting and negative and blind in his way of thinking that I have to admit, he pulled me down emotionally. I talked with him only out of politeness, but I just do not like his way of thinking. I am not anyone to tell him how to think, and he did not ask me for any advice regarding this, so I can only avoid talking to people like him.



This experience, however, reminded me again on the importance of our thinking habits. I have touched this topic many times in my previous posts, and I mentioned that in every situation I am always looking for the positive, I appreciate what I can, I am trying to be grateful for what I can be, etc. We are all humans though, and we are not perfect, so we always have a lesson to learn and a reminder can be very helpful to become the happier and more successful person we want to be.

Let’s appreciate this insight and continue to create positive thoughts and positive life experiences!


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