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The journey of life


Decisions are often hard to make in life. I wonder many times what if I had chosen a different path at a certain point in my life, and if i had done so, where would I be now?

Would I have ended up in a different place? Would I have different friends? Would I have met different lovers? Would I have a different job?

Maybe all this doesn’t matter. Life is a journey, and maybe different paths lead to the same destination. As the law of attraction states, you attract to yourself what you feel inside. Therefore, if you are in a state that attracts good friends in your life, then you will attract good friends anyway.



I am the kind of person that does not make decisions easily. I consider all the pros and cons. I consider all the possible paths that may appear. I tend to think too much. I might even look up decision making strategies online.

In the end, we have to take the first step, and the next steps will reveal themselves. Making any decision is better than standing still. All paths will lead somewhere, there are no wrong choices. Our purpose is to walk the journey, and follow the personal paths that lead to our happiness.


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