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Finding your true self


This is going to be a rather philosophical post with an inspirational conclusion. I am sharing with you these thoughts, because maybe you have gone through or are going through something similar, and we can help each other on this journey.

Recently I’ve been wondering who I really am and how my upbringing, my parents, my larger family and my education influenced who I have become.

How do we know who we are? Is it something deep inside or is it what environmental factors make us to become?

Probably it is both. Just like with our physical appearance, we have genetics and environmental factors. For example, some people are ‘born’ to be overweight (it’s in their genes), while some people become overweight because they keep eating fattening foods.

Twins may be separated at birth if they get adopted, but research shows that even when they had been separated, their lives turned out to be very similar, which means there is something very similar between them on a deeper level. However, the environment in which a person grows up can also greatly influence someone’s choice of career or the quality of their relationships.

I am showing these examples, because I am wondering who I really am: What are those things that are innate in me, and what are those things that I have picked up from my environment? I feel like my family and education had a huge influence on me, but I do not like all of those influences.

Why do we, as individuals, like certain things and dislike others?

Why do people like different genres and styles of music? What does it say about a particular person? What does it mean if someone likes rock, dubstep, jazz or classical music? Our ‘likes’ can actually change, depending on what kind of people we spend most of our time with.

Why some people love reading books, while others never read any?

We might think that the more educated a person is, the more likely they are going to like reading books. We might think that introverted people are more likely to read books than extroverted ones. But an educated and a less educated person can both like rock music, for example.

How much education itself can influence our likes and dislikes?

I wonder sometimes if our education influences us on a healthy or unhealthy level.

In my personal life, I have followed some completely different paths than what was expected in my family.

My education ‘made me’ complete some university degrees which ‘do not earn me my bread’ right now. Again, I followed a different path.



I feel happy with the different paths I have chosen, but I am constantly questioning whether my likes and dislikes are good for me or not. Or rather, which one is the real Me? The one who should follow what my education made me to be, or the one who wants to be free and go for their dreams?

Well, I guess I know the answer.

If I follow my dreams, then I am a happy person. However, I sometimes feel a bug in me that says: “Why do you leave behind what you have worked for, what your teachers have taught you, what your family expected you to become?”

By the end of this post, I came to a conclusion and I do have a motivational message for you: Life is a journey, and we need to find happiness in each step; because if you are not happy right now, when are you going to be happy?!

We might need courage to follow our dreams, but I promise you, it is all worth it! Dare to be your real Self and enjoy the journey before it’s too late!

We all need to unlearn some things in order to find our real Self, and to fulfil our real dreams. For our own happiness, we should be able to think outside the box to realise that life is not all about following blindly what society expects us to become. It is an individual, unique journey for everyone.


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