Are you ready to live your dreams? Really?!


We can read endless blog posts, articles, books on how to live our dreams, on setting goals for the future, on manifesting the life of our dreams. It all sounds very exciting and amazing; and it is really worth putting some thoughts into your future in order to live a better life. It is also a good practise to expand your thinking and imagination, to think a little outside the box, to allow good things to come to your life.

However, living the life of your dreams can be scary! Just imagine that today you are an average person with average problems (with relationship/money/career/health issues), and from tomorrow you want to live the life of your dreams. How is that possible?!

Are you ready to become the successful/happy/healthy person of your dream? Do you have the skills to deal with the tasks of your dream job?

It’s not going to happen until you are ready! Don’t expect everything to come to you just because you have read about the law of attraction, and you think you understand how it works. It does work, but you have to do YOUR work as well. It is a personal journey for all of us, and we have to learn how to enjoy it. This is the key to happiness.

In life nothing is free. You have to put into some effort in order to get something. You have to plant the seeds in order to reap. You have to deal with your emotional issues before you can enter into a happy relationship. You have to release your negative thoughts about money before it can flow to you.

You have to be grateful for all you have before you can get more. Life is not going to reward you just because you want something. You will get what you want when you have worked for it, when you have put in some effort.

Do you have a dream now? Do you think you are ready to get it?

Be honest with yourself and just think over (or write down) what you need to change in yourself to get closer to your dream or what steps you need to take to get closer to it.

Remember that Life is a journey and we are meant to enjoy it! 🙂



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