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Join my virtual travel journey!


Usually my posts are not related to travelling, but this is my other huge interest along the topic of spirituality and well-being, so I thought why not share my travel dreams with you all. I invite you to enjoy the virtual journey with me.

In this post, I want to share what destinations I am planning or dreaming to travel to in the near future. Maybe it is not going to be so near in the future, but I will definitely make it sooner or later.  It will also help me organize my travel plans in my mind, and help my subconscious working on getting closer to these places.

Here is my list:

I have put some places together because of their geographical proximity.

1. Canary Islands

I have always been attracted to hot places and nice beaches with natural beauty, so I want my next destination to be the Canary Islands, because it is relatively easily accessible for me, and it will even make a great short holiday. The place is ideal, because it is warm enough off the high season, which means I can go whenever I can afford to go.

2. Canada and Alaska


This is completely the opposite of the hot, sunny, tropical islands – that I usually adore – but Alaska and Canada have such an outstanding natural beauty that I must visit one day.

3. Hawaii

I know Hawaii is a very popular travel destination. I want to explore all its islands and enjoy all the beauty it can offer. On this picture, you can see the capital, Honolulu, Oahu Island.


4. Bora Bora and Tahiti

These places are considered to be pretty exotic, given the fact that they are quite far away for most people that live either in America or Europe. I heard that local people are very friendly, not to speak about the beautiful scenery that awaits.


5. Australia and Fiji

One day I will hopefully visit Australia, and while I am there, it would be nice to pop over to Fiji, which is another beautiful place.

6. Seychelles and Maldives

These are islands of the Indian ocean, which have been my dream destinations for a long time, and I am sure I will get to visit them as well.

7. Jamaica

Who has not heard of Jamaica?! I have seen a few places in the Caribbean, but unfortunately I have not visited Jamaica, which I think is one of the most popular countries of the region.

8. St Maarten

As much as I read and heard about St Marteen, it is one of the best places to visit in the Caribbean: with the French and the Dutch part, their own cultures and the low landing planes over the beach. Must see!

9. Zanzibar

No African country has been included in my list yet, so there you go, one place where you can discover African culture and some more nice beaches to see!


10. Norway


Finally, I am going to close this list with another ‘not-so-hot’ place, but the beauty makes it worth visiting. Again, Norway is easy to access for me, so it makes an ideal last minute trip whenever I can afford to go.

That’s a list of 10 for now, but you may expect another post to come with more destinations for the future!

Change your perceptions for a happier life!


The best way to live our life is being grateful for what we have and constantly trying to live with a positive attitude. I have just covered this topic in a recent blog post, but I want to expand it more with my personal experience.

Everyone has periods in their life when it is hard to stay positive or happy. Life has its ups and downs, it is natural, we cannot change that. However, we can try to spend the hard times in a smart way, by counting our blessings and taking baby steps towards our dreams. Sometimes the hardest times in life become the most valuable, as we acquire new skills, we make new connections, we become stronger; and all these experiences will help us on our way to achieve future goals.

If you have already “survived” a hard period in your life, you know how much stronger it made you, and you know that future challenges are going to be easier to face.

It is all about our perceptions. We get what we think. Our perceptions will define how we feel, whether a certain situation makes us happy or hopeful, or sad and depressed.

We should always be able to find the positive aspects in a situation: like how it is serving us, what we are learning through the process, what kind of connections we are making with other people, etc. You may be in  a hard situation, but you are probably getting something very valuable out of it, just by holding on! Make the best of it you can, and leave the problematic situation when you are ready to move on.

The latest hard experience in my personal life helped me immensely on various levels. I do not find everything so hard anymore, because I can compare it to what I had to go through before, and I am able to find something to appreciate in all situations. With this positive attitude, I can get closer and closer to all my dreams.



The smart way to go through hard times is appreciating what you already have and taking baby steps to get closer to your goals. Don’t be afraid to take action, the only thing you will regret later is wasting your time. Take whatever step you can take, and the next one will reveal itself on the way.

The key during the process is staying positive and appreciative of what you have already achieved. Take every day as a gift, take every friend and helping person as a gift, take every step along the way as a gift. Express your gratitude, and it will multiply.

I appreciate all of you reading this post and wish you happiness and successful manifestations!


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Are you ready to live your dreams? Really?!


We can read endless blog posts, articles, books on how to live our dreams, on setting goals for the future, on manifesting the life of our dreams. It all sounds very exciting and amazing; and it is really worth putting some thoughts into your future in order to live a better life. It is also a good practise to expand your thinking and imagination, to think a little outside the box, to allow good things to come to your life.

However, living the life of your dreams can be scary! Just imagine that today you are an average person with average problems (with relationship/money/career/health issues), and from tomorrow you want to live the life of your dreams. How is that possible?!

Are you ready to become the successful/happy/healthy person of your dream? Do you have the skills to deal with the tasks of your dream job?

It’s not going to happen until you are ready! Don’t expect everything to come to you just because you have read about the law of attraction, and you think you understand how it works. It does work, but you have to do YOUR work as well. It is a personal journey for all of us, and we have to learn how to enjoy it. This is the key to happiness.

In life nothing is free. You have to put into some effort in order to get something. You have to plant the seeds in order to reap. You have to deal with your emotional issues before you can enter into a happy relationship. You have to release your negative thoughts about money before it can flow to you.

You have to be grateful for all you have before you can get more. Life is not going to reward you just because you want something. You will get what you want when you have worked for it, when you have put in some effort.

Do you have a dream now? Do you think you are ready to get it?

Be honest with yourself and just think over (or write down) what you need to change in yourself to get closer to your dream or what steps you need to take to get closer to it.

Remember that Life is a journey and we are meant to enjoy it! 🙂



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Eliminate fear and live happy!


Do you feel stressed? Are you worried? Do you have fears?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, I suggest you not to stress so much.

After all, what will you remember at the end of your life? That you lived in fears, worries or stress? Was it really worth it?

Try to appreciate what you have now. Fears an worries are just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed anytime. If you have a lot of negative thoughts, try using positive affirmations to change your thinking habits. Here is my earlier blog post on how to use affirmations:

What would you like to remember when you are old? The fears and stress you were struggling with, or the happy memories of life with good friends and family?


Our busy 21st century life can easily fill anyone with self-restricting fears and worries; and also, wanting to achieve too much can make us chase things and feel stressed. There is a huge pressure that comes from the media to want this and that, to buy that product to make you feel good about yourself, not to speak about news programmes that deal only with crime, tragedies, disasters, etc. Don’t watch too much television, or if you do, at least watch only quality programmes.

There is an endless list of things that can cause mental disorders related to fear and worries. Many people are afraid or fear to live the life they desire. Depression is a disorder of the western civilization. All these symptoms can be related somehow to the lack of love and caring in families and relationships. People’s attention is not on their loved ones, but on chasing material things, because that is what they see in the media.

Is it really what Life is about? I don’t think so.

I am not saying material wealth is bad. It is good, as long as you are happy with where you are and what you have. As long as you are happy with your life, your relationships and looking forward to create more good.

Everyone should follow their heart’s desire without chasing unnecessary things.

People should be aware of who they are, what their path is,  who they want to become and what they want to leave behind as a legacy.

We should all get rid of unnecessary fears and worries. Instead, we could trust the Universe/God that everything will work out fine for us, we only need to decide what we want, take the first step, then the next one, and the Universe/God will support us all along.

“Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


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Cultivate a positive attitude!


I have just been wondering again about the importance of a positive attitude in all situations in life.

Wherever you are, whatever you do at this moment, your attitude will define how you feel.

People can be happy or sad in the same place in the same situation. The difference is in their attitude.

Of course, there are situations from which you have to move on if it doesn’t make you happy anymore. You either get used to a situation by finding the good aspects in it, or you move on.

Finding positive things in the hardest situations will probably be the most rewarding for your future. The lesson is, whatever you choose, always go with a positive attitude. It may be hard to hold on in a difficult situation, but it may provide you with such gifts that you will be forever thankful that you decided to stay strong and hold on. However, if you choose to move in another direction, you have to do it with full belief, and again, with a positive attitude.

Starting new projects is not easy, but you can always be grateful for what you have already achieved and for the people who are going to help you on the way. By expressing your gratitude and appreciation, you are reinforcing what you want to get more of. Just trust the process, believe that everything will work out for your highest good, and so it shall be.

If you are facing a new challenge right now, remember to stay positive and appreciate every little step that you take towards success and happiness.


Always cultivate a positive attitude!