The “S” Factor or Finding the Keys to Success


What do you think the “S” factor is?

What is the key to success? Yes, I’ve been wondering what is the key to success. What makes people successful? What is their secret?

Is there something special in these people, like an “S” factor? There is no secret, but there are some factors necessary for success.

We can learn these from the already famous and successful, but by success, I don’t mean becoming a world famous actor, singer, football player, whatever – I mean success on a personal level that will allow you to live the life you want and be satisfied with your achievements.

However, we can all imagine we are entering a talent show where they are looking for the “S” factor. What is it? What do you need to improve in yourself in order to win the game?

I came up with a list. Here is my 7 keys to success:

1. Talent 

You need to be talented in something. Now don’t say you don’t have any talents! Everyone has. Maybe in school you were not considered as one of those talented students, but all that should not define you. Education often makes a mistake by not recognising or not encouraging certain talents. You should be aware of what talents you have, and be brave enough to show it to the world. It is never too late!

2. Passion

If you pursue your talents, then it is not difficult to be passionate about them. If you know you are good at something and you love doing it, then passion comes with it. Don’t let it slip out of your hands and deliberately stay true to your passions in life!

3. Hard work

Success is not for lazy people. The bad news is that hard work is inevitable. Whoever achieved something great, they have all put an immense effort in whatever they were doing. The average person usually sees only the shiny-glittery surface in successful people’s lives, but they don’t consider how much hard work there is in the background.

4. Motivation

If you do something you love, then this power should be sufficient to keep you motivated day by day. However, the hardships of life may discourage you at times from what you are doing, and that is when it is the most important to see the big picture and refocus your motivation.

5. Luck

The concept of luck is hard to grasp. They say ‘luck’ is when hard work meets opportunity. It means you have to put in some (or lots of) efforts first, then your ‘luck’ may find you.

6. Belief

If you have wholeheartedly followed all the above points in your pursuit of success, then I am sure you have belief in what you are doing. Belief is important when you are facing difficulties, and it is necessary when you don’t yet see the manifestation of your dreams. You have to believe it first to see it.

7. Persistence

Finally, you need to be persistent in making efforts while you are following your dreams. Even if you have worked hard with belief and passion, you might fail once, twice or several times on your way to success. Never let it discourage you!

The following encouraging poster will show you that even the biggest had failed, but they never gave up! You shouldn’t either!

The "S" Factor or Finding the Keys to Success



“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.” (Thomas Edison)


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