Who is the real You?


Sometimes in life we get so used to certain emotions and behaviours that we identify ourselves with these patterns. Our life is made up of habits, no wonder we can easily get used to some behaviours that are not necessarily beneficial to us, to our real selves.

Everyone had, for example in their childhood, certain patterns that they used in order to cope with the world or to get attention from their parents. While some children choose to be naughty, others may be full of anxiety when it comes to getting attention. Teenagers often get involved in dangerous activities to show off their newly discovered self, but others may go through stages of depression.

I believe these coping mechanisms stay with us in our adulthood, and we use the same patterns when we are faced with a problem. We may become full of fears before we make an important decision. We may be nervous when we try something new. We may turn to heavy drinking when we have a relationship issue.

Whatever the problem, we often return to these familiar behaviours, but is it really our true self?

Is it any good or beneficial? Clearly, it is not! Afterall, who wants to sit at home with depression or full of fears? We are tempted to think that it is our real self, because these behaviours seem to be a very comfortable solution when we try to escape from a situation we don’t like.

As a kid, you don’t realise that fears are often not real, but as adults, we should be able to realise that fear means only a lack of love and trust that Life is supposed to be good for you.

Life is supposed to be good, therefore there is no room for fears, worrying or self-destructive habits in it.

Don’t identify yourself with your familiar patterns. It is not the real You!

Remember the times when you felt successful, when you felt happy, when you were thriving! That’s the real You! If you don’t feel happy right now, try to change your situation and aim to achieve happiness again while being grateful for all that you already have!



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