Love yourself!


Recently I have found that one of the key elements in getting what you want is how much you love yourself.

This discovery is not so new to me, as I remember using this ‘technique’ earlier in my life to lead myself to better things, so I will say it is a rediscovery, as I want to manifest some new experiences now. I shall not even call it a ‘technique’, loving yourself should be an ongoing attitude in life.

However, we tend to forget about it. We are more used to complaining or looking for negative things, problems and so on.  Sometimes we pick up the wrong attitudes from our environment.

The first question that probably comes up in everyone is if loving yourself means being selfish. No, loving yourself is NOT being selfish! If you love yourself, you become happier and more successful, and you can share your happiness with more people and you will also be able to help more people.

I grew up as an only child, and when I was playing with a friend and I didn’t want to share my toy with them, my parents always said I was selfish. Of course, I had not sisters or brothers to learn to share things with them. And maybe because of this, I grew up thinking that asking for things is being selfish. Even today, I am sometimes afraid to ask for a favour or a helping hand. It is also about how much you love yourself, and I need to learn to love myself even more!

You can only love someone else if you love yourself. You can only give to others what you already have.

Therefore, you have to love yourself in all possible ways. Don’t deny things from yourself, pamper yourself instead. Be your best friend! Be your own lover!


The importance of loving yourself


It is a wrong supposition that we will eventually get more if we are saving things for the future. Live each day as if it was your last day, but at the same time plan the future as if you lived forever!

I have seen people saving things all their life: like not buying those new shoes, because they are expensive, not buying that new gagdet, because it is expensive, not going on holidays, because they are expensive, etc. And guess where these people are now? Nowhere, exactly in the same place they were 30 years ago.

You have to follow your dreams, you have to go for the things you love if you want the success and happiness you are longing for! But start with the little things: treat yourself with some healthy food, go for a holiday, join that dance class you always wanted to try, go out with friends and have fun, buy that beautiful dress, buy a new perfume, buy some plants for your home, adopt a cat, whatever you want!

Do all the small things that make you happy in your daily life, and from that happy point, it will be easier to move up to the bigger things like manifesting your dream job or dream house!

If you love yourself, people will be more attracted to you, you will meet more and more nice people, you will meet people who will help you achieving your goals, and it goes on and on. You will have happier relationships, you will be happy where you are or you will end up in a location where you will find happiness. Your life will become easier and it will flow naturally!

Just don’t forget to love yourself!


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