What are you creating now?


We all know that our thoughts and emotions have the greatest power in creating our future.

What you think about right now will create your future. Do you like what you are creating? If not, then you better think different thoughts.

Besides thoughts, I also added emotions, because when you deliberately want to change your thoughts, it is not enough to keep repeating positive thoughts, but you also need to feel good in the present moment. So, you need to think thoughts that make you happy right now. Not in the future, right now!

We heard about the power of our thoughts from Buddha, about the power of the Now from Eckhart Tolle, and various other teachings.

However, we often feel so desperate to change things in our now that this creates a general lethargy in all of us. In fact, we should not feel lethargic or depressed even if our current situation is the opposite of what we want, because that will just create more of what we don’t want.

What are you creating right now? noemifairy.com:



Recently, I discovered one more aspect that I would add to this whole topic of creation, the attractive power of our thoughts and the power of now. And this is the law of cause and effect.

This is a hard topic for us to understand and describe, as we often don’t see in advance what is leading where, and why we end up where we do, why we meet certain people, etc.

If you feel frustrated in your current situation, because things don’t seem to be improving despite all your efforts, it doesn’t mean that they are never going to improve. Just relax into the situation, do the best you can and try to enjoy the journey.

Maybe while you are in this ‘waiting’ period, you can start doing something creative that might have immense rewards in your future. We never know. Then, you will be glad that you did what you did that time of your life when you were ‘waiting’ for something.

Actually, we should never wait for the right time, do whatever you want to do right now to make it a perfect time, whatever makes you happy, whatever small steps you can do; and it is all going to add up to the manifestation of your DREAM!


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4 thoughts on “What are you creating now?

  1. I needed to hear this today. I am in ‘waiting’. I am working on accepting where I am and making the most of each given moment. It seems my ‘waiting’ may be bringing things to the surface that feel unpleasant but are actually healing x one more step along the way x thank you x

  2. I have done the waiting – for over a year actually. I have tried every technique you can imagine. I totally agree that feeling good is important, but until you clear up the internal messages of worthiness and deserving, nothing in the world is going to work your way like you want it to. I was so surprised when I started the Law of Attraction, that it went from wanting to manifest more money, to suddenly, one year later, wanting to make amends for wrongs I’d committed, and heal those parts of me that had never felt good enough. The reason I realised I needed to do this healing work was that no matter what I did, I could never shift that feeling of sadness, and I understood one day, it was trying to tell me something. Something I’d buried and ignored.

    • Healing seems to be important. Although, sometimes new people or new situations in life can also help you overcome certain issues, that was my experience.
      Thanks for sharing your story. xx

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