You can feel at home anywhere


Can you? You certainly can, if you are following your dreams and living the life you are meant to live.

I was just wondering as I remembered the different places I have lived so far. They were not at all ‘perfect’ homes, but at that time at that stage of my life they provided me something that made me feel at home.

What makes you feel at home in a certain place? And how many ‘homes’ one should have in a lifetime?

You can feel at home where your heart is

It must be a place that serves your growth at that stage of your life; and probably we should have as many homes as many new dreams and goals we have in our life.

Personally, I cannot imagine living in the same place my whole life. If we are evolving creatures (and we are), then our homes should follow our evolving needs and personal growth.

But then comes fear, the belief in limitations; and for most people home means the same place for several decades, even if after some time they are not happy there. They are often afraid to change even if they get a good job offer somewhere else. I understand that for some people it is important to be near family and friends, but even if that place is just a little further away, fears are coming in: how they are going to move, will they be able to sell their home/find another one, etc.

I believe if you are meant to change your location and it is for something better and bigger, then the Universe will help you in all possible ways.


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