A good day to create


Today is a special day! According to the Tibetan Buddhist calendar, on this day (25th May 2013) the effects of positive and negative actions are multiplied by 10 million times. It is a good opportunity for us to eliminate the negative and reinforce the positive in our life.

I am not sure if this really works, but every day is a good day to release the negative and increase the positive in your life, so let’s give it a try.

It is a good time for me as well to finally sit down and do some “work” on my life. Currently, I do have some worries and negative thoughts concerning the near future I wish to create. So as a first step, I will try to get rid of these.

What will I do exactly?

I will make a long long list of positive aspects and positive thoughts related to the subject that is the problem area. I will write a list as long that I cannot think about anything else, and by that time, I will feel so good that I forget the negative thoughts. I will try to keep up this practice for the following days, just by adding a few more sentences each day, to keep my thoughts centered on the positive.

What I am trying to achieve with this is to get positive emotions instead of the negative.

Remember, your present thoughts and emotions create your future.

And the most important is to feel good! If you feel good, you don’t worry about what you will create in your future, you just enjoy the now and everything else comes naturally.

So I have eliminated the negative, now I will imagine how I would like my future to be. Just playing with the thoughts. No fears, no worries, no limits. Imagination is key in creation. Without imagination, creation is not possible. You just have to use it in a positive way.



As the practice of writing down ideas works really well for me, I will write down positive emotions and thoughts of how I would like my future to be. Similarly, I will try to keep adding more and more ideas later, just to keep up the same emotions.

Law of attraction says that the Universe doesn’t know whether your emotions are based on the reality you are living or you are just imagining, therefore the Universe is going to match your reality to your dominant emotions whether you want it or not.

If you practise it well enough, then one day you will realise that you are living the reality you have imagined! Awesome, isn’t it?!



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