How do you write?


This is a question to all professional and hobby writers out there, whether they write blogs, articles, stories, novels, poetry, etc. By the way, I believe we can all be professional writers, it is only a question of perseverence and how much of your efforts you are willing to spend on writing and publishing. Just read the story of a few well-known authors of some popular books, and you will see.

I was just wondering what the ideal circumstances are for me to write. And not just simply write, but write my best, out of real inspiration.

Recently, I had to take a break from my blog (as you know) due to busy life circumstances, but now I am kind of back to normal, and back to my ideal writing environment.

I only ever sit down to write a post when I feel like I am inspired to explore an idea or question. If I feel like I need to force myself to produce something, then I just leave the whole thing and return to it later.

What are the ideal writing circumstances for you?

Well, I guess it also depends on what you are writing about. Some people may be able to write while they are sitting on the train, or while they are sitting in a restaurant or café.

For me, these are kind of too busy places to write, but I can understand that these places can definitely inspire some ideas, just by looking at how people behave, how people look like, looking at whatever is surrounding you, like the architecture of the next building or the lovely design of the café where you are sitting.

Sometimes, I like to sit outside in nature and put down some ideas in that peaceful environment. But most of the time, I prefer to be in my own cosy space, with my computer/laptop and a coffee (very important!). Because most of my ideas come randomly, I need to be in a relaxed mood to actually sit down and write. A busy lifestyle for me is not ideal for writing.

Whatever your preference is, let’s keep ourselves busy with writing, get inspired and most importantly, let’s write what we want to write about!



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