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It is all about our attitude


Recently through my work experience, I had the chance to observe how people behave and how it makes them upset or happy. They were exactly in the same situation, their happiness all depended on their choice or attitude.

Usually I don’t share too much personal information on my blog, but for the sake of this post I have to share that I am currently working on a cruise ship, that is why I am  having a very busy life.

When our last cruise started, the ship was not able to dock on time due to weather conditions.  The guests who had to leave were 8 hours late, and also the new arrivals had to embark 8 hours later.

This inconvenience made some people upset, while some people were grateful that they were fed for free when they had to stay longer, and most of the new arrivals were happy that they could finally embark the ship.

Weather conditions are in no way the company’s fault, safety is first, but some people are only able to blame other people for some inconvenience, and they do not see the big picture. They also forget that the ship’s staff is working extra hours only for them.

Let me give you 2 examples of people’s attitude.

During my duties I met two ladies who were upset about being late, they literally attacked me that their room key is not working after all this long day, and I have to fix that straightaway. I told them I cannot fix it if it is not working, but I can ask for help. Just in case I checked the key if it is really not working, and guess what? It WORKED! These two ladies wanted to find fault in everything, and they spoilt their holiday for themselves.

On the other hand, I saw one black guy with rasta hair who embarked the ship dancing, having fun, looking forward to his holiday. Later on, I met him again, he was talking on the phone, telling somebody that he decided to have a great holiday no matter what, no matter if others are complaining, it is only about one’s choice. Then he asked me where he can find a bar, because he wants to have more fun!

Whatever situation we are in life, our happiness depends only on our attitude.

Follow the rasta guy’s attitude and have fun!




Quick note #3


My Dear Followers,

This is just to let you know that I am here and I am willing to continue my regular posts, but my personal life is still extremely busy.

A new post is coming up soon!