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Ask and it is given


Ask and it is given! We all heard this from various sources, it sounds easy, but it is not always easy to apply in life.

Recently, I had very good experiences with this, and I want to share the secret with you all.

The secret is to let it go. Whatever you ask for, do not think about it anymore, especially do not worry about it, and do not keep any negative thoughts about it. Just move on with your life!



My personal life got very busy lately, that is why I did not have any time to worry about anything. I just cannot afford to waste time on overthinking and worrying. If I have a problem, I have to get over it quickly.

Whenever I wanted a question to be resolved or wanted to get something, I simply stated in myself I want this problem to be resolved by tomorrow, and whether magically or naturally, it got resolved. I did not have to do anything – other people came to me with the solution.

Of course, I did not ask for a car or a house or to win the lottery. These everyday goals may seem small things, but they make my life going smoother and happier. And I believe the more we practice it, the better we get in it. Just stay positive, and do not let any negative thought clouding your mind!


You get what you expect


From a real life experience, I had the chance to observe again the importance of our perspectives and perceptions.

I know one person, let’s call him Paul, who saw the negative in every aspect in a certain situation. While I know others, several people, who focus on the positive in the exact same situation. Guess who is happier?! The first person gave up, while the others are still enjoying, growing, learning, experiencing, etc.

If we see the negative in everything, if we criticise everything, if we expect the negative from everyone, if we cannot find at least one positive aspect, then we are going to be unhappy and fail the situation. Well, it is also a lesson learnt, but it is better to go through the journey and grow, and make the most of whatever we are doing at the moment.

Paul (the negative guy) had so many negative expectations that he saw the negative even in the most innocent person. Do not be like him, and never expect people to be negative towards you. If you don’t know someone, do not judge them first. Probably they are nice people.

The other people I mentioned all have different motivations and expectations, but one aspect is the same: they are all positive expectations.

You get what you pay attention to, think positive!


When I experience such a huge difference between people’s attitude, I realise that the only thing that matters in any life situation is how you see it, your perception. Some people are happy doing something, while others are not happy doing the same thing. In the exact same situation, one can be happy and unhappy, it all depends on your expectations.

However, I suggest that if you have stepped on a journey that you have chosen (like a new job, new studies, relationship, etc), do not give up straight away when you have difficulties. It is no accident that you are there, you chose it, you wanted it, you need it, you have to grow from it. Hold on for a while, it is going to be worth it.

Sometimes, you have to be strong, sometimes you have to suffer, but it all helps you grow in life. Then, you can take the next step, and sooner than you think, you will find yourself in a better situation than your previous one.