Where are we evolving?


Recently I had to go through a thorough medical examination, not because I wanted to or I was unhealthy, but I needed this in order to become accepted for a certain job. I have always disliked medical doctors and hospitals, as I am very rarely ill, and just the fact that I have to wait in a hospital waiting room among people who are ill makes me feel sick. Also, the fact that they are looking for thousands of various symptoms in you so that they can identify a disease makes me feel stressed.

Western medicine tends to create this stress in people. They tell you that you can have thousands of diseases and you can become a victim anytime. You have to go to screenings, examinations, etc. But why can’t we rather praise and preserve our health? If nature has created a disease in you, then nature can cure it – I believe.

I am lucky enough that I managed to build a strong immune system throughout my life and never had any serious health issues and even minor colds or flus are an extremely rare phenomenon in my life. I don’t know if I can thank my great health to the genes of my parents or to the way I was brought up, but I am very grateful for it anyway.

Maybe the fact that I was not growing up in a completely sterile environment helped me build a good immune system. I spent loads of time outside in nature playing with friends, making our hands dirty, eating unwashed fruit – what a sin! And maybe all this helped me live without any allergies, which are so on “trend” these days. People are becoming allergic to everything, even to oxygen soon… When I told some kids lately that I am not allergic to anything, they were wondering like: “How come? Is it not normal to be allergic?” These kids think that it is normal. What kind of world do we live in?

I kind of feel that this era of the 20th-21st century will be remembered later as a dark period, when although lots of scientific discoveries were made, medicine did not completely applied this to people’s advantage. Doctors persuade you to take all kinds of drugs that are supposed to heal you, just because there is money in all this business. I don’t blame doctors, they are just doing what they have been taught to do with the intention to help people, but I encourage everyone to choose natural healing and preventive methods whenever it is possible.

I try to keep my healthy state by leading a healthy lifestyle. Already as a teenager, I became interested in healthy eating habits, I used to read about healthy foods in magazines and natural treatments to certain issues. Also, I believe health is not only about food: for a healthy body, you also need mental health, physical activity and no self-destructing habits, such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc. I would say you need an overall balance in life. The mind is as important as the body.

People have forgotten about the real power of our mind. They rather believe in western medicine, in doctors, in pharmacies, etc. I found a great video the other day, please watch it, it is really eye-opening. Whatever we believe in will work for us:



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