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Never stop learning!



In this post I am not intending to refer to academic achievements, but rather to the way we should live life. Of course, I do believe in lifelong learning, I love exploring new subjects and I don’t think there is an age limit as to when you should finish your last universtiy degree or anything. But I don’t want to go into this topic right now, let’s leave it for later.

I want to talk about the way we should live every single day of our life. Until we reach adulthood, we keep learning social skills in school, as we spend most of our time there, so it is inevitable. It seems to me that there is a point in many people’s life when they stop being open to new attitudes. There is a kind of acceptance in society that once you are an adult, you are a “finished product”: this is you, you are not meant to learn and change anymore. But it should not be like that.

To live a happy and fulfilling life we must stay open every single day. It is pretty difficult. How many negative thoughts do you have in a day? Are you grumpy when you have to wake up in the morning? Do you get angry in traffic? Do you hate your boss? What about your colleagues? How upset do you become when somebody does not do something the way you expected them to do it? It is an endless circle, there is always something that happens that you did not expect to happen and you have to make a whole new other plan.

We have thousands of thoughts a day. What if at least we could make 51% of those thoughts positive? What if we could stop complaining? What if we could make most of our thoughts positive? We realise that this is not even as easy as it sounds.

What if instead of negative thoughts we lived life as a journey? What if we pretended we are still in school (as adults), and every day there is a lesson to learn. We can make life an adventure. Let’s think of problems as challenges. Your problem is your homework you need to do. If you feel like your life is full of problems, I tell you the circle is never going to be over.

Instead, let’s look for challenges in our life. We all have our unique journey. Let’s find what we can learn each day. Then we can move on to the next lesson. Let’s watch other people how they are handling their challenges and what we can learn from them. Let’s enjoy the adventure!


Be flexible!


This post is meant to be as much a reminder for me as it is for others. When you do something new in your life, like a new job or moving to a new place or learning something new, you will face some problems or challenges and you have to become flexible. You might have to run extra circles in order to achieve your goal, but it is all part of the journey and we have to accept that.

I experienced this myself, and I tend to get discouraged or stressed when I have to face these new challenges. Some people are so afraid of such changes that they don’t even try anything new. Well, personally I would go mad if I could not change my circumstances from time to time. Change is beneficial and an essential part of life.

Knowing that other people are in the same shoes helps a lot. For example, if you are moving and you are stressful about it, ask some friends or family members who had done it before, and they might give you useful information and even help you with the move. It will all make it much easier. If you are facing these problems together with other people, it will be much easier, because you know that they have been or they are exactly in the same shoes.

You might have to face similar challenges when you change your job. By the time you get over the challenges, you will become a better person, someone with lots of useful experiences behind, and it means that the journey is all worth it. No one can take away from you what you have learnt through the experience. And after all, they say that what you achieve is not as important as who you become on the journey.

We all have to enjoy the ride, life is a journey, happiness is a journey! Enjoy each moment of it!

Remember: “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success!” (Albert Schweitzer)



Where are we evolving?


Recently I had to go through a thorough medical examination, not because I wanted to or I was unhealthy, but I needed this in order to become accepted for a certain job. I have always disliked medical doctors and hospitals, as I am very rarely ill, and just the fact that I have to wait in a hospital waiting room among people who are ill makes me feel sick. Also, the fact that they are looking for thousands of various symptoms in you so that they can identify a disease makes me feel stressed.

Western medicine tends to create this stress in people. They tell you that you can have thousands of diseases and you can become a victim anytime. You have to go to screenings, examinations, etc. But why can’t we rather praise and preserve our health? If nature has created a disease in you, then nature can cure it – I believe.

I am lucky enough that I managed to build a strong immune system throughout my life and never had any serious health issues and even minor colds or flus are an extremely rare phenomenon in my life. I don’t know if I can thank my great health to the genes of my parents or to the way I was brought up, but I am very grateful for it anyway.

Maybe the fact that I was not growing up in a completely sterile environment helped me build a good immune system. I spent loads of time outside in nature playing with friends, making our hands dirty, eating unwashed fruit – what a sin! And maybe all this helped me live without any allergies, which are so on “trend” these days. People are becoming allergic to everything, even to oxygen soon… When I told some kids lately that I am not allergic to anything, they were wondering like: “How come? Is it not normal to be allergic?” These kids think that it is normal. What kind of world do we live in?

I kind of feel that this era of the 20th-21st century will be remembered later as a dark period, when although lots of scientific discoveries were made, medicine did not completely applied this to people’s advantage. Doctors persuade you to take all kinds of drugs that are supposed to heal you, just because there is money in all this business. I don’t blame doctors, they are just doing what they have been taught to do with the intention to help people, but I encourage everyone to choose natural healing and preventive methods whenever it is possible.

I try to keep my healthy state by leading a healthy lifestyle. Already as a teenager, I became interested in healthy eating habits, I used to read about healthy foods in magazines and natural treatments to certain issues. Also, I believe health is not only about food: for a healthy body, you also need mental health, physical activity and no self-destructing habits, such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc. I would say you need an overall balance in life. The mind is as important as the body.

People have forgotten about the real power of our mind. They rather believe in western medicine, in doctors, in pharmacies, etc. I found a great video the other day, please watch it, it is really eye-opening. Whatever we believe in will work for us: