Do what you love!

Albert Einstein makes another good point here, and I think all teachers and educational systems should ponder on this question. Education often makes some students feel talentless, just because they are not performing well in a certain set of criteria. But the same low-performing students are sometimes able to achieve huge success in life.

We are taught things in school; but how much does this knowledge contribute to our success and happiness in life? And what is more important , how much do we actually love what we are doing? I am not against formal education, I am only suggesting some improvements, myself having graduated as a teacher as well. I personally thank a lot to my education, but I missed a certain kind of support in which they could have done better.

Maybe school is a good tool to give a qualification in our hands, and maybe we can pursue a career with that qualification all our life, and it allows us to make a living. But do we really love doing it or is it just a means to earn money?

I always felt frustrated when I had to make career choices. To choose something that you will do all your life. Really? Actually, you don’t have to. It is natural to change throughout the years of your life, to learn more about yourself through different experiences. First, what I found appropriate was to follow the examples that I saw around me, and many people do that. They follow their mom’s or dad’s footsteps until they realise this is not what they want. I also realised that I was different from the people around me; I have my own dreams, I enjoy doing certain things, while I may not enjoy doing some others.

I think that education should focus more on everyone’s personal talents and encourage students to go in that direction. If a teenager came to me to give them advice on a career choice, I would make them think about what they really enjoy doing and what their special talents are.

If one has big dreams, let them have big dreams. Nobody should feel limited, because other people don’t believe in them or it is their own family that does not support them. Everyone is supposed to do what they love doing.

Even if one choice fails, you still have the chance to move somewhere else, to learn something new, to try something else. You don’t have to be stuck in the same area all your life if you feel like it is not your world. You are never too old to start something new, and you will see that courageous choices always have their rewards in life.

Follow your heart and dare to dream big!


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