How to write an appreciation journal


Here is another ‘how to’ post from me after the previous one on how to use affirmations.

I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from writing an appreciation/gratitude journal for the past few years, and that is why I thought I would share my experiences with you. This method is easy, it doesn’t take long: it only requires a small notebook and a little writing.

We could call it a ‘gratitude journal’ as well, but I prefer ‘appreciation’. Let my explain why. There is a slight difference between the meaning of the two words: ‘gratitude’ refers to something you are grateful for, something you already have, some probelm you have already solved or some experiences you have gone through and learnt from them; while ‘appreciation’ refers more to feelings and likes in general, to your feelings in the present moment and it can even open you up to positive experiences in the future.

I read and heard about endless methods, techniques and exercises related to the law of attraction and how to achieve our dreams and goals. But what I found the best for me was definitely the appreciation journal.

While some people prefer talking about things or other creative methods, this kind of technique might be better for those who prefer writing. The idea is that you write down, let’s say, 5 things you liked, loved, appreciated that day, and you do this every day.

You might mention someone who complimented you, someone who helped you, something you achieved that day, but you can also go more general and appreciate the delicious food you had, the comfy bed you are sleeping in, etc. When you can’t think of anything specific, you can consider what you like in life, how you would like to experience things in the future.

You can use various formats to begin the sentences, they don’t have to be all the same. For example:

I appreciate…

I am grateful…

I like…

I love…

It makes me happy when…

I love imagining…

I am glad…

I am happy…

It is great…

It feels good…

When I first started writing a gratitude/appreciation journal, I could not really get the feeling of the ‘I am grateful’ type of sentences. I felt like they were empty sentences, but in fact, true feelings are as important here as when you are using affirmations. That is why I prefer using various expressions and call it rather an appreciation journal. Of course, I do use ‘I am grateful’ when I feel it is appropriate.

I admit that I don’t write the journal all the time, and when I do it, I might skip some days. But then, the next time, I do write more than 5 things to appreciate. Actually, once you start thinking about it, more ideas come up and you easily find yourself with more than just 5 thoughts to put down.

I find this method the best to raise one’s vibration, to feel better. You can also use this to focus on a certain area of your life with the intention to improve it. Those who are familiar with the works of Esther and Jerry Hicks know that they also advise the method to write down all the things you appreciate about something when you want to change your vibration about it.

When you have a problem, you want to change your attitude about it, you want to ease your feelings, you want to feel better. If you focus on the things you can appreciate in your now, you distract your attention from the problem, and you already feel better. Better feeling thoughts will attract better experiences. Your first task is to focus on better feelings, then you will be able to focus on the solution.

So what are you grateful for today? What do you appreciate?



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