Ignore what you don’t like

I am writing this post partly from my own experience as to how one can feel better in everyday life. Feeling better is not only about “feeling better”, but that is actually the key to anything good coming into your life. Once you feel better, you are able to attract more good things.

Law of attraction says like attracts like, therefore if you are feeling bad, you cannot attract anything good. Even when you have a goal that you want to achieve, but you have a bit of worry, a bit of tension or a bit of doubt going on, it is not going to happen or not the way you wanted it to happen.

Sometimes we try hard to feel better, but in fact our conscious trying doesn’t really work. You constantly seem to see the things that you don’t like and keep repeating those thoughts that you don’t like.

One way to feel better is to think about things you like, let yourself enjoy what you like, simply for the good feeling, not for any purpose or goal. Another way is to try to ignore all those things that you don’t like: that annoy you, that you want to get rid of. You can even go on a challenge: try to ignore things you don’t like for 21 days, and every time you notice yourself complaining, remember that you have to feel good!

Once you are able to ignore things you don’t like, the Universe will surprise you with things you DO like! They might be little things, but those are the things you want to say “yes” to. Say “yes” to the things you like, appreciate them, be grateful for them! Thank the Universe, because you experienced something you loved! Ask more of it! Love it and you will get it!


2 thoughts on “Ignore what you don’t like

  1. [ Smiles ] My energy resonates well with your post because you highlighted the truth.

    Well done!

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