Get rid of the box


There is nothing more annoying when somebody you know cannot think outside the box. You know you are able to do something, and that certain somebody just keeps repeating their doubts and worries as to why you should not do that. It feels good to think outside the box, especially when you can prove to other people that you were right all along.

We all have limiting beliefs that were implanted into our brains during our upbringing by our parents, family, teachers, religion, culture, government, etc. And the process probably has not stopped as we reached adulthood, we are still getting those limiting thinking patterns reinforced through our nearest environment and also from the media. Our brain is flooded with those thoughts that are not even ours. We better think our own thoughts!

Deepak Chopra goes even further, don’t just think outside the box, but get rid of the box:




Yes, why don’t we get rid of the box?

All those boxes that keep our mind in limitations. There must be many of them, but we can at least try to get rid of one and forget all the limitations that our brain keeps repeating to us when we want to do something.

If we have a desire that is really our own, then why should we believe in limitations? Who says it is not possible? Who says you need to have a certain qualification to get the dream job? Who says you have to work hard to earn a lot of money? Who says you cannot do this or that? Who says you cannot do what you want whenever you want it?

We have all seen “miracles”, we have seen exceptions, we have seen people who achieved great success because they followed their dreams and passions and did not care about what other people thought or said. So why wouldn’t it be possible for us?

Let’s free our mind of the limitations!



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