First appreciate what you have


First appreciate what you have, then ask for more.

What I noticed in my personal experience was that whenever I wanted to achieve something, I had to be glad with what I had first.

It happened many times that I wanted something sooo bad, and it just didn’t come. According to the law of attraction, you can only attract good things if you feel good, if your vibration is on a positive frequency. When you worry, when you are negative, when you are lacking, needing, resisting or making excuses, IT will not come.

It is hard to achieve a positive vibration when you are so used to a negative one. But one thing you can do is start appreciating whatever you have. The smallest thing in your day that made you happy or feel a little bit better. Appreciate what you have already achieved, the place where you live, the schools you have finished, the skills and talents you have, the things you learnt through life and work experiences,  etc. Look for the positive aspects in everything, everyone, everywhere!

Even better if you write it down, once you start writing, more and more things to appreciate will come to your mind, and you can’t even stop! That is one way to change your thinking and emotional frequency. It will work, unless you are lazy to do it!



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